February 2011 jGrrl – Alexis Ford

Just another one of the “crazy fuckers” from NYC? You’ll have to be the judge of that, but know that it’s the way Alexis describes natives from her home turf. In the biz since 2008, and horny for the past few decades or so, it’s no wonder that Alexis headed west in search of her chosen career path. Where else could she get choked, spanked, fucked and paid all in a day’s work? It’s a perfect match!

Pretty much everything stimulates this perpetually horny minx, right down to the fact that she gets turned on knowing both men & women jerk off to her every day, and to hear Alex tell it, “it’s so fucking hot to think of the big loads that men ejaculate.” Let there be no doubt, Alexis is dirty (why else work with Richard?), and was more than eager to share her love of doggy-style sex. Why doggy? Because Alexis loves it when a man takes control, bends her over and fucks her hard. So that clears that up.

Not that it has to be a man doing the fucking. Alexis likes a curvy grrl (it’s all about the tits and lips) who can command a room’s attention simply by exuding confidence—and flaunting a nice rack. Alexis has been with her share of women over the years (shocker!) and has found those fuck sessions to be decidedly rewarding too. Toss in a deep love of masturbation, ideally in front of the camera, and there’s no shortage of orgasms in Alexis’ life. Must be nice…

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